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Bio for Dr. Zou L.Ac.

Name: Elizabeth Zou

Job Title: Acupuncturist  and Chinese Medicine Doctor

Dr.Zou, L.Ac and O.M.D., received her bachelor degree of  TCM  from Hubei University Chinese Medicine in 1989, and received her Master degree of Science in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from Dongguk University of Los Angeles, USA in 2013.

Dr. Zou is both board certified by the state of California and Maryland Acupuncture Board. She has been in active practice in TCM and Acupuncture field for 25 years.


Dr. Zou specializes in varied Pain management, PMS, Migraine, Infertility, Menstrual Disorders, Stress, Depression, Men’s Health care, Cancer care (including side effects of chemo & radiotherapy), Stroke rehabilitation, Hypertension, Bell’s Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease care.


Dr. Zou use Dragon special needle ( a new needle version from ancient needle method) for pain relief. Dragon needle therapies different from traditional needle-knife therapy or dry needle therapy. It is significantly effective for joint pain of the neck,, shoulder,waist,legs and other body parts, even for some cancerous pain. It has many advantages. This needle has disposable sterile packaging. Also, this special needle therapy request practitioner high skills.


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